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Ski is one of the most exciting and beautiful tourist attractions in Iran. During their trip, tourists who are interested in winter sports are more interested in the experience of skiing in the international ski resort of Iran. Having over twenty-five ski reports in different regions, Iran is one of the areas where tourists interested in Ski, traveling by this country, could have different experiences in skiing.


The two main mountain ranges of Iran are Zagros and Alborz. Zagros mountains extend from northwest to Khuzestan Plain, and Alborz mountains extend from west to east along the Caspian Sea (Mazandaran).

The Iranian team is planning to bring your attention to the mountains of Iran, especially the highest one, the Damavand mount.




For sure caving is one of the most exciting activity for both who has and has not experienced it. The beautiful, calm and astonishing cave environments give every visitor memorable time. Iran contain various caves in nature and beauty. The Ali-Sadr cave, the world’s largest water cave, is located in Iran, Hamadan city. Ali-Sadr attracts thousands of visitors every year. Visitors walk and ride boats along the cave to visit the beauty of this wonderful cave. Another cave for common visitors, is Daniyal cave, located in north part of Iran. With 2033 meters long, it is the second largest cave in Iran.