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To tell you what packages and tours we have provided for you in this section, we invite you to an imaginary voyage around this vast and beautiful country.

We begin our journey from northern Iran and the Caspian Sea (Mazandaran), the largest lake in the world. Passing the Caspian Sea, we will reach the lush, wooded forests of northern Iran, the beauty of which casts a resplendent charm that cannot be depicted in any pictures or paintings.

After the lush forests of northern Iran, we will reach the Alborz mountain range, where the dormant volcano, Mt. Damavand (the 12th highest peak in the world in terms of relative altitude) awaits us. After the lush forests, now we just see the white peaks which are covered in snow for most of the year.

True. We are now standing over this bounded sleeping Giant Demon (Mount Damavand is symbol of a bounded demon in Persian mythological literature).

After the Alborz mountain range we have Tehran, the capital of Iran, in front of us.

As we pass over the city of Tehran, Milad Tower, the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world, catches our eyes.

After passing through the city of Tehran, we reach the hot desert areas of this country. When we encounter the desert, we will first see the Salt Lake, and then areas that closely resemble some African deserts.

Passing through these deserts we will see very old caravanserais that still serve as shelter for the desert travelers.

After crossing the beautiful Iranian desert, we will see the greenery and forests of central Iran and we will pass over provinces like Lorestan and the city of Khorramabad which is known as the city of waterfalls. The beauties of Khorramabad are beyond description but we recommend you visit Lorestan Gallery page.

Now it is time to cross the headless palms of southern Iran, which are reminiscent of days of war in this country.

We are now over the beautiful shores of the Persian Gulf, the scorching hot beaches known one of the most famous beauties in the world.

These are only some of the packages we have provided for you in this section.