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Climbing mountain of Alam kuh & Damavand tour - 9 Days

Tehran Province , Mazandaran Province , Damavand City and Kelardasht City
Climbing mountain of Alam kuh & Damavand tour

Let us know if you require any assistance regarding to Iran visa. Please read the article of Iran Visa Guidance or apply for Iran visa here. If you need accommodation other than the period of the tour, please specify in the additional requirement. Your accommodation along the tour is included in the tour package. In addition, hotel pickup and drop off service is included in the package.

Day 1
First day: Tehran arrival

On arrival, Check in to a hotel.

Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 2
Second day: Drive to Rudbarak-Vandarbon - hike up to the base camp

Drive to Kelardasht and Roudbarak.

Ascending to Vandarbon.

Overnight stay at camp.

Day 3
Third day: Mt. Lashgarak (4250 m)

Ascending up to Hesarchall then climb Lashgarak summit.

Overnight stay at camp.

Day 4
Fourth day: Mt. Alam Kuh (4850 m)

Alam Kuh mountain and back to the camp.

Overnight at Vandarbon shelter.

Day 5
Fifth day: Caspian sea (rest day)

Drive to Caspian sea,

visit bazaar, ...

Overnight at hotel

Day 6
sixth day: To Damavand

Drive to Rineh,

Hill side of Damavand,

Shahandasht waterfall, ...

Overnight at local house.

Day 7
Seventh day: Drive to the 2nd camp & climbing to 3rd camp

The jeep ill take drive to the Damavand second camp (3000m).

Hiking to the third camp (Bargah Sevom) at 4250 m.

Total ascends 1250m.

Overnight camp.

Day 8
Eighth day: Ascend to summit (5610 m)

Challengeing climb to the peak usually takes about 6 to 7 hours.

From the summit,

We then begin descending to 3rd camp,

A journey of some 7 hours that should bring us back to the camp in time for dinner.

Total haking time is approximately 12-14 hours.

Total scend/descend 2700 m.

Overnight stay at camp.

Day 9
ninth day: Descend the mountain, back to Tehran

Descending to second camp.

Drive to Larijan natural hot spring bath to leave the tiredness in the hot mineral water then will be drive to the hotel in Tehran.

Overnight Sleep in hotel.

Iran is the land of great conflicts. The Persian territory is the land of snow-capped mountains, lush Canyon, deserts and exquisite forests. A land where apple trees and palm trees grow not too far from each other.

The diversity of geography, climate, and people along with a variety of ethnicities, with different cultures, accents and dialects, allow Iran to be one of the tourist destinations in the world.

Iran (Ancient Iran) is bordered by the Caspian Sea, Kharazm desert and Kura River to the north, by the Amu Darya basin, western mountains of Indus valley and the slopes of western mountains of Pamir to the east, by the western slopes of the Zagros Mountains and the Arvand Rud (river) basin to the west and by the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea to the south.

The two main mountain ranges of Iran are Zagros and Alborz. Zagros mountains extend from northwest to Khuzestan Plain, and Alborz mountains extend from west to east along the Caspian Sea (Mazandaran).

The Iranviva team aims to attract your attention to Alborz mountains, specifically the highest peak of the range, Mount Damavand. But before that it is better to review the history and background of Alborz Mountains and Mount Damavand.

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About Alam-Kuh (Mount Alam)

 Elevation: This mountain, with an altitude of 4850 meters above sea level, is the second highest peak in Iran. However, it holds first place when it comes to the difficulty and challenges of climbing.

Alam-Kuh is famous worldwide for its northern wall which is technically like that of Mt. K2 in Pakistan.

Location: The Mountain is located 20 km southwest of the city of Kelardasht in Mazandaran province.

Towns and Cities Nearby: Alam-Kuh is adjacent to Kelardasht city and Rudbarak village in Mazandaran province and Taleghan city and Parachan village in Alborz province.

This Mountain overlooks the city of Kelardasht to the north, and the city of Taleghan to the south.

Alam-Kuh is surrounded by the cities of Chalus, Tonekabon and Salman Shahr to the north, by Chalus valley and River to the east, by the great valley of Sehezar (Three Thousand) to the west, and by Taleghan city and Alamut region to the south and southwest.

Features: Mt. Alam-Kuh is located in an extremely cold and snowy region, known as the largest mountainous region of Iran. The area lies between Taleghan Valley and Shahsavar and Abbas Abad forests. Most of the peaks in this area are over 4,000 meters high. Due to these features, the region is known as the Iranian Alps.

Alam-Kuh area, a large part of which is a part of central Alborz, has more than 47 peaks above 4000 meters high.

Alam-Kuh Glaciers: There are numerous glaciers in this area, including Sarchal, Alam-Chal, Takht-e Soleyman, Marjikesh, Khersan, Haft-Khan, Chaloon, Shane-kuh, and Split glaciers. Most of these glaciers are located at an elevation of more than 4000 meters high, in the middle of the granite peaks.

The characteristics of some of these glaciers are as follows:

 Sarchal Glacier: This glacier is located at a height of 4050 meters to 4230 meters, between Sechal and Takht-e Soleyman peaks, and has a rocky surface.

Alam Chal Glacier: Alam Chal glacier is located at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level. It is hidden deep in a ditch and surrounded by higher peaks and hence invisible from afar. The surface of this glacier is covered by crushed glacial table rocks.

Takht-e Soleyman Glacier: This relatively steep glacier is at an altitude of 4350 meters to 4655 meters above sea level. It should be said that the slope increases in the northern part of this glacier.

Marjikesh Glacier: This glacier is at an altitude of 4340 meters to 4500 meters above sea level. Marjikesh glacier lies in a valley between the Siah-Sang and Marjikesh peaks. Like most glaciers in the region, the surface of the glacier is covered by rocks, which is because of the crushed rocks falling continuously on the glacier.

Khersan Glacier: Khersan glacier is at an elevation between 4150 meters to 4500 meters above sea level with a relatively large width. It lies between Marjikesh peak and Alam-Kuh on the southern face.

  Haft-Khan Glacier: It is located at an altitude of 3950 meters to 4400 meters above sea level and extends along the Haft-Khan pass. Some of the glacier tongues extend as far as Haft Khan Peak.

The peaks surrounding this glacier include Negin, Takht-e Soleyman and Haft-Khan peaks.

Chaloon Glacier: Chaloon glacier is located between Siah-Sang and Chaloon Peaks. The height of this glacier is between 3900 meters to 4200 meters above sea level.

Shane-kuh Glacier: This glacier is known for its proximity to the summit of Mt. Shane-kuh. It is also connected to Alam-Chal glacier and is at a height of 4230 meters to 4400 meters above sea level.

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Damavand Mount Damavand Mount

Alam kuh Mount Alam kuh Mount

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A Brief description about Mount Damavand

Elevation: 5610 meters above sea level, The highest peak in Iran, The highest volcano in Iran, Middle East and Asia

Relative Height: 4667 meters, The twelfth highest peak in the world based on relative height

Age: It is estimated to be about 38,500 years old.

Location: In the center of the Alborz mountain range, near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea and in Larijan, a district in Amol, in Mazandaran province

Adjacent Cities: Rineh and Gazanak are the towns located at the foot of the mountain., Mount Damavand is located 26 km northwest of Damavand city, 62 km southwest of Amol city and 69 km northeast of Tehran

Temperature: The minimum temperature is 60 degrees below zero and the maximum temperature is 2 degrees below zero.

Wind: The average Storm speed is about 150 km / h. On the slopes, the wind speed reaches about 70 km / h. Wind direction is from the west and northwest.

Precipitation: The average annual precipitation in the heights is about 1,400 mm, usually in the form of snow.

Air Pressure: Air pressure at this altitude is half of the air pressure at sea level.

Adjacent Rivers: Tineh River in the north, Haraz River in the south and east, Panj-ab (Five Water) River in the east and Lar and Div-Asiab in the west

Damavand Famous Glaciers: Siuleh Glacier (the northern face):

Dubi-sel Glacier (the northern face), Speleh Glacier (the northern face)

Arosakha Glacier (the northern face), Khurtabsar Glacier (the northern face)

Yakhar Glacier (the northeastern face)

Scattered glaciers and snowfields around Damavand:

Chal glacier and field (the eastern face), Sardagh glacier (between the western and southwestern ridges)

Gharbi glacier (between the northern, southwestern and western ridges), Kafar- Dareh glacier (between the southern and southeastern ridges)

Aspirin-Sar glacier (between the southern and southwestern ridges)

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Trip Facts

  • 1 - 10
  • 5610m & 4850m
  • Van Or Private car (The type of vehicle varies by number of people)
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • All meals

Damavand summit

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Alam Kuh summit

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