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Climb Mount Damavand - 4 Days

Climb Mount Damavand

Climb Mount Damavand

Climb Mount Damavand

Day 1
First day

• Start with enjoying lunch

• Start moving to haraz road

• Stop and rest in Damavand eco camping in Nadel village

• Visit the area and nadel village

• Have a meeting about climbing to the Damavand

• Enjoy dinner

• Rest and enjoy the nature and stars in hillside

Day 2
Second day

• Enjoy breakfast and start an amazing day with high adrenaline

• Driving till arrive to the start point

• Transfer the backpacks to eco camp of Damavand by mule

• Continuing our climbing to Damavand Advanced Camp

• Arrive the advanced camp in 4350 meters above sea level

• Camping and rest

• Have a meeting about climbing in next day

• Enjoy dinner

• Packing the backpacks for the ultimate climbing

• Rest

Day 3
Third day

• Start climbing to the summit of Damavand

• Enjoy breakfast in the middle of the way

• Continuing climbing

• Arrive to the summit of the mountain in 5610 meters above the sea level

• Getting around the summit and visit the Sulfur Springs of Damavand

• Return back from the top

• Enjoy lunch and rest

• Keep going till arrive the Damavand Advanced Camp

• Enjoy dinner

• Rest

Day 4
Fourth day

• Enjoy breakfast

• Transfer the backpacks to eco camp of nadel by mule

• Start moving to eco camp of nadel

• Start in camp and enjoy lunch and rest

• Return back to Tehran

Costs included

  • Transport
  • Meals
  • Snacks
  • Accommodation fees
  • Entrance fees for historic sites, tourism and sports
  • Provide equipment for climbing, canyoning, climbing, caving, etc.

Cost not included

  • Visas fees
  • Travel fees
  • Accommodation fees before package start
  • Accommodation fees after the end of the packages
  • Special clothes fees (for adventure sports)
  • • Special equipment and clothes are available

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Price From USD$450 USD$360/person
Total $ 360 USD

Trip Facts

  • 2-8
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • 5610 m
  • Professional
  • VIP Van