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Canyoning in Rageh Canyon - 2 Days

Canyoning in Rageh Canyon

Canyoning in Rageh Canyon

Rageh Canyon

This canyon is one of the unique natural phenomena of Rafsanjan town and is an unknown tourism attractions of Kerman Province located in 20km of Rafsanjan and in the tourism path of two eco-tourism attractions of the province (Meymand Village and Shahdad Colettes). Presence of piers with 100 m in height is accounted as its unique properties. Tipped and sharpened cones, piers and erosive small piers, arches and walls and ribbon walls with the heights of them attains to 100m in some points are considered as specific parts of this region.

Winter and fall, when weather is being cooled, is certainly the best time of your travel to desert areas. Visitors, particularly foreigners must find appropriate season to see Rageh and Meymand canyon, because they could use a part of Rageh canyon path flooded by water.

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Day 1
First day

• Start our trip from Tehran to Rafsanjan

• Enjoy breakfast in the middle of the road

• Keep going to Rage valley

• Start our climbing valley and visiting the nature

• Enjoy lunch in the beautiful nature of the area

• Rest in village houses

• Visit Meymand village

• Enjoy dinner

• Rest

Day 2
Second day

• Enjoy breakfast in village’s houses

• Visit Dastkand village

• Enjoy lunch

• Rest

• Return back to Tehran

Costs included

  • Transport
  • Meals
  • Snacks
  • Accommodation fees
  • Entrance fees for historic sites, tourism and sports
  • Provide equipment for climbing, canyoning, climbing, caving, etc.

Cost not included

  • Visas fees
  • Travel fees
  • Accommodation fees before package start
  • Accommodation fees after the end of the packages
  • Special clothes fees (for adventure sports)
  • • Special equipment and clothes are available

If you like to customize this package, please fill the form below according to your wishes.

Price From USD$200 USD$160/person
Total $ 160 USD

Trip Facts

  • VIP Van
  • 4-10
  • 1528
  • Spring, Summer
  • Easy