Roodafshan cave - 1 Day

Tehran Province and Firuzkuh City
Roodafshan cave

Roodafshan cave

Day 1
First day

Start our trip from Tehran to Firoozkooh road.

Enjoy your breakfast in roodafshan village

Hiking to the crater of the cave

Visit the beautiful Roudafshan cave

Return back to Roodafshan village and enjoy lunch

Return to Tehran

A brief description about Roodafshan Cave


1945 meters above the sea level

The Cave Mouth:

Oval shaped, 12 meters high and 40 meters wide


Roodafshan Cave is one of the most important calcareous caves in Iran, formed in cretaceous period and having stalactites and stalagmites. The cave mouth is one of the three largest cave mouths in Iran.

Formation Time:

According to some experts, the cave is formed during the second and third Paleocene period.


The cave is located 103 km east of Tehran and 62 km from Firoozkooh. It is located on the slopes of the Alborz Mountain range and the Mountainous area of Central Alborz. This cave overlooks the Roodafshān village and Damavand city.


It’s near Roodafshān village.

Discovery Time:

The cave was discovered in 1949 by Changiz Sheikhali, the Iranian father of speleology, and was listed in the National Works of Iran in 2006.


The length of the main route is 800 meters and the total length of the cave paths is 1637 meters.

Other features:

The cave has several halls as follows:

The First Hall:

The First Hall has dimensions of 80m by 100m and 25 meters high. This hall receives light from the sunlight.

The Second Hall:

The second hall has two sections, the first part with dimensions of 8m by 2m and 8 meters high, and the second part with dimensions of 50m by 60m meters and 20 meters high.

The Third Hall:

The Third Hall has dimensions of 40m by 50m and 15 meters high, and the end of the third hall is a 2-meter-wide and 6-meter-high corridor.

The Final Hall:

At the end of the cave, there is a 10-meter-long hallway located 50 meters below the cave mouth.

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Trip Facts

  • VIP Van
  • 4-8
  • 1935
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn

Roodafshan Cave

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