Shiraz, capital of civilization - 3 Days

Shiraz City and Fars Province
Shiraz, capital of civilization

Shiraz city

Day 1
First day:

Achieve to Fars province and Shiraz city

As you get off the plane and take your luggage

you will find our tour guide/transfer man, waiting for you with your name on a board, waiting at the gate.

You will be transferred to the hotel to rest and relax for a few hours and get ready for the morning excursion.

Day 2
Second day:

Enjoy breakfast and for go to Persepolis visiting the amazing zone.

have lunch at the Persepolis zone

Continue visiting Persepolis zone and Naqsh-e Rostam

enjoy watching sunset next to the beautiful view

Enjoy dinner

Back to hotel and rest

Day 3
Third day:

Enjoy breakfast

Window shopping in the traditional bazaar of shiraz and enjoy the handicraft of the city

Enjoy lunch and rest at the hotel

Visiting the tomb of Persian poets

Enjoy dinner

Day 4
Fourth day:

Enjoy breakfast.

visit the historical places, for example that related to Zandieh era.

Enjoy lunch in traditional restaurant, for example Haft Khan Restaurant.

Continue visit the historical places, for example Hafez tomb, Saadi tomb and etc.

Back to hotel.

Relax and get ready to leave Shiraz city.

Shiraz City

Due to the abundance of its tourism attractions, Shiraz could be considered as a mere destination of your travel. It is better for people who are interested in cultural tours as well as travelling to cultural cities to allocate a specific journey to Shiraz by which they could be provided with enough time to visit the attractive places in this city. The size of tourism attractions in this city is to such extent that you might not be provided with enough time to visit all tourism attractions of this province; we however in term of this paper, do our best to provide you with important list of historical and attractive places of this city.

Shiraz is the Center of Fars Province and capital of ancient Iran. This city has been surrounded by Darak Mount at West, and Bamo, Sabzpovan, Chehel Magham and Baba Koohi Mountains at North.

There is no specific agreement for antiquity of Shiraz among Historians and Archaeologists; however, the point stressed by all historians and archaeologists is the antiquity of Takhte-Jamshid Region going back to Akhamaneshid Era.

Other names of Shiraz as mentioned in historical books and documents include Tirazis, Shirazis and Shiraz.

According to some historical documentations of Islam, the initial place of Shiraz was Abunasr Castle where transferred to its modern-day area during Bani-Omayeh Dynasty. Such transfer however accompanies with extermination of Estakhr City, the Capital of Fars.

It must be mentioned that at the time of Safari, Boiyan and Zandian Rule, Shiraz was the capital of government.

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