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Sights of Chalus and ski in Dizin ski resort - 3 Days

Tehran Province and Chalus City
Sights of Chalus and ski in Dizin ski resort

Amazing Chalous road, Shahrestanak village, Dizin ski resort

Day 1
First day:

We start the journey from Tehran-Chalus road

Enjoy breakfast in beautiful nature Chalus

Visit the historical village of shahrestanak

Visit the Naser-Al-Din shah palace

Enjoy lunch

Pick up at Dizin hotelPlay snowball and Enjoy the beautiful view of Dizin- Enjoy dinner

Day 2
Second day:

Enjoy breakfast

Skiing witch is the most exciting sport.

Enjoy lunch

Pick up at hotel

Continue skiing then enjoy beauty of Dizin mountain

Enjoy dinner

Day 3
Third day:

Enjoy breakfast

Visit Dizin mountain with cable car

Enjoy lunch

Returning back to Tehran

Chalus road with its main name called “Route 59” is a path passing through the heart of Alborz mounts connecting Tehran to central regions of Iran and beautiful coasts of Caspian Sea.

This maze and tortuous route pass through Chalus River originating from the heights of Taleghan Town and by passing a distance over 72 km close to Farajabad in Chalus town, pours to Caspian Sea and by passing through the heart of Alborz Mounts, has been introduced as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

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Dizin Ski Resort is the first Ski Resort in Iran confirmed by International Ski Federation. Dizin Ski Resort Complex began its activity since 1969. This complex has been located in Gajereh Region among Northern Mounts of Tehran, in 71km distance in Shemshak Route and 12km after Shemshak Town. Another accessing route to this complex is by Chalous Road (one of the most beautiful roads in the world) after kilometer 80 of Chalous road and after Dizin Tee Intersection towards Gajereh.

Having twenty-three ski resorts, this complex is one of the greatest and famous ski resorts in Middle East.

This complex possesses two hotels, nineteen cottages, five restaurants, four telecabins (Summer, Summit, Valley, Grass), two tele sage (Summit and Grass), seven tele skis (Double Mayer), C Chal, Posht Wheel, Preliminary, Grass) and a hammer tele ski.

The ski resorts of this complex elongated in the height 2650 m to 3600 m from sea level with 7500 m in length.

When traveling to Iran, tourists who intend to use this complex could enjoy other recreations such as mountain biking, archery and kite riding on Alborz Mounts.

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Trip Facts

  • VIP Van
  • 4-10
  • 2650m-3600m
  • All season

Dizin Ski Resort

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Shahrestanak Village

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