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Tochal mountain - 1 Day

Tochal mountain

Tochal mountain

It is one of the tourism attractions in Iran and one of the most important tourism attractions in Tehran City. Tochal Ski Resort has been located in Tehran Roof Complex in Velenjak Street, Shemiranat District close to Tajrish Square. This project began in 1974 by the cooperation of Puma Company, France and completed in 1978.

This complex possesses three ski resorts including Summit Resort, Western Slop Resort and Seventh-to-Fifth Station Resort.

Summit resort has elongated from height 3850 m to 3550 m from sea level with length of 1200 m; it has a Tele Sage (Duple Mayer) line and a Tele Ski Line. Summit resort together with Alvarus resort located in Ardabil province are considered as the first snowy ski resorts.

Western slop resort has elongated from the height 3750 m to 3550 m from sea level with 900 m in length, having a tele sage line.

Seventh-to-Fifth Station Resort has elongated from height 3750 m to 2940 m from sea level with length of 550m.

Need more information about Tochal resort, please read this paper.

Day 1

Enjoy breakfast

Transport by cable car to the ski track

Enjoy skiing in one of the highest ski tracks in Iran

Enjoy lunch and relax

Enjoy more skiing

Return back to the city (Tehran)

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Price From USD$150 USD$110/person
Total $ 110 USD

Trip Facts

  • VIP Van
  • 4-10
  • 3000m-3962m