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Volcanic mountains in Iran - 11 Days

Tehran Province , Damavand City , Ardabil Province and East Azerbaijan Province
Volcanic mountains in Iran
Day 1
First day:

Entrance to Tabriz international airport

Transfer to hotel

Sightseeing of Tabriz

Overnight at hotel

Day 2
Second day:

Drive to Kandovan village

Visit and continue to Maragheا city

Visit historical place of Maragheh city and overnight at hotel

Distance: 210 Km about 3 hourse by car

Trekking: 3 hours

Day 3
Third day:

Early morning drive to hill side of Sahand mountain

Climbing about 4 hours to peak 3700m


Come back to down

Drive to Maragheh city

Overnight at hotel

Distance: 60Km dirt road about 2 hours


Day 4
Fourth day:

Drive to Ardebil

Visit historical place of city

Overnight at hotel

Distance: 320Km about 3 hours by car

Trekking: 2 hours

Day 5
Fifth day:

Transfer to base camp of Sabalan by 4WD

Overnight at camp or shelter

Distance: 80Km

Trekking: 3hours

Day 6
sixth day:

Early morning start climbing to peak

About 6 hours to peak 4811m

Come back to base

Transfer to Ardedil

Overnight at local house

Distance: 60 Km

Trekking: 7 hours

Day 7
Seventh day:

Transfer to airport

By flight go to Tehran

Transfer to hotel

Day 8
Eighth day:

Drive to Polour and Rineh village

Visit Shahandasht waterfall

Overnight at local house

Distance:130 Km about 3 hours by car

Trekking: 3 hours

Day 9
ninth day:

Transfer to 3000 meters by car then start climbing untill Bargah Sevom (shelter) 4200 m

Overnight at camp

Distance: 30 Km

Trekking: 4 hours

Day 10
Tenth day:

Climb mount Damavand 5610 m

About 6 hours to peak and 3 hours to come down

Overnight at camp

Trekking: 8 hours

Day 11
Eleventh day

Come back to 3000m then by car go to Rineh

Hot water fountain then come back to Tehran

Overnight at hotel

Distance: 140 Km about 2 hours by car

Trekking: 8 hours

Mount Sahand, the Bride of the Mountains in Iran

Sahand is the name of a mountain range and a peak in the province of East Azerbaijan in Iran. Sahand is one of the dormant volcanic mountains in Iran. This volcanic mountain is full of beautiful and stunning lush meadows and is known as the bride of the mountains in Iran for its mesmerizing beauty.

Basil and fritillary are among the many plants in this area. Sahand rangelands are one of the most beautiful rangelands in Iran and is a summer place for the nomadic peasants of Azerbaijan.



Sahand Mountains are part of the Alborz Mountain Range. These mountains lie north of Maragheh and stretch from west to east of Iran. Sahand Mountains are bordered by Bostan Abad on the northeast, and by Liqvan and Tabriz on the north.

Sahand is also bordered by Osku and Tabriz on the northwest, by Azarshahr, Maragheh and Ajabshir on the west and southwest, by Maragheh and Hashtrood on the south and by Bayqara rangelands on the east.


Towns and Cities Nearby

Mount Sahand is located to the south of Tabriz, west of Bostan Abad, north of Maragheh and Hashtrood, and east of Azarshahr, Ajabshir and Osku.


Sahand peaks

Sahand Mountain Range has 17 peaks over 3000 meters above sea level. The most famous peaks of this mountain range are: Kamal, Jaam, Sahand, Sultan, Damirli, Aghdagh, Motal Daghi, Shir Daghi, Haram Daghi, Giro Dagh, Atashan, Darvish peaks.

If you are interested in more information about Sahand Mount do not miss this article.

Damavand mount

Elevation: 5610 meters above sea level, The highest peak in Iran, The highest volcano in Iran, Middle East and Asia

Relative Height: 4667 meters, The twelfth highest peak in the world based on relative height

Age: It is estimated to be about 38,500 years old.

Location: In the center of the Alborz mountain range, near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea and in Larijan, a district in Amol, in Mazandaran province

Adjacent Cities: Rineh and Gazanak are the towns located at the foot of the mountain. Mount Damavand is located 26 km northwest of Damavand city, 62 km southwest of Amol city and 69 km northeast of Tehran

Temperature: The minimum temperature is 60 degrees below zero and the maximum temperature is 2 degrees below zero.

Wind: The average Storm speed is about 150 km / h. On the slopes, the wind speed reaches about 70 km / h. Wind direction is from the west and northwest.

Precipitation: The average annual precipitation in the heights is about 1,400 mm, usually in the form of snow.

Air Pressure: Air pressure at this altitude is half of the air pressure at sea level.

Adjacent Rivers: Tineh River in the north, Haraz River in the south and east, Panj-ab (Five Water) River in the east and Lar and Div-Asiab in the west

Damavand Famous Glaciers, Siuleh Glacier (the northern face)

Dubi-sel Glacier (the northern face), Speleh Glacier (the northern face)

Arosakha Glacier (the northern face), Khurtabsar Glacier (the northern face)

Yakhar Glacier (the northeastern face), Scattered glaciers and snowfields around Damavand:

Chal glacier and field (the eastern face), Sardagh glacier (between the western and southwestern ridges)

Gharbi glacier (between the northern, southwestern and western ridges), Kafar- Dareh glacier (between the southern and southeastern ridges)

Aspirin-Sar glacier (between the southern and southwestern ridges)

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Damavand Mount Damavand Mount

Sabalan Mount Sabalan

Sahand Mount Sahand

Costs included

  • Transport
  • Meals
  • Snacks
  • Accommodation fees
  • Entrance fees for historic sites, tourism and sports
  • Provide equipment for climbing, canyoning, climbing, caving, etc.

Cost not included

  • Visas fees
  • Travel fees
  • Accommodation fees before package start
  • Accommodation fees after the end of the packages
  • Special clothes fees (for adventure sports)
  • Special equipment and clothes are available



Personal healthcare

Appropriate clothing

Walking shoes





Customize & book.

Price From USD$1,900 USD$1,750/person
Total $ 1,750 USD

Trip Facts

  • Van Or Private car (The type of vehicle varies by number of people)
  • 1 - 10
  • 5610m & 4811m & 3707m
  • Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • All meals

Damavand summit

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