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Dasht-e Lut in Iran

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Lut desert is located in East and South-East of Iran. This area is one of the attractions that draws many tourists from around the world to the country. Among the beautiful and exciting attractions of the region is passing through the desert, watching the sky covered with stars, camel riding, hiking up and down the sand dunes, and staying overnight in the heart of this beautiful desert. This area is one of the natural monuments, added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among the unique features of the region include the highest and longest Kalouts in the world, the highest dunes in the world and one of the highest Nabkhas (a kind of sand dune) in the world with a height of 12 meters. Furthermore, the area was recorded as the hottest spot on the planet in 2005, with a maximum temperature of 70/7 ° C.