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Wonderland, Iran

If you’ve just entered into our website, you certainly are eager to visit historical cities and pristine nature of Iran, and surely seek for exciting journeys and adventure vacations.

Main reason to travel to such wonderland might be exploring a four-season country with an ancient history. The mesmerizing deserts, mounts full of calm covered by snow and trees, beautiful forests, breathtaking canyons, exciting caves, historical cities and hospitable Iranian are waiting for visitors and adventures to explore this amazing country.

Visiting beautiful and historical cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, Tabriz, Tehran and so on, brings joy to the eye of every tourist. We are here to give you piece of that excitement before traveling to such wonderland. You are welcome to read more articles and watch more videos on Iranviva about Iran and her astonishing beauty.

Or you may have other reasons such as:


Isfahan - Iran Tours & Travel

Isfahan is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. This is one of the few historical cities of Iran that could be saved and revived from wars, earthquakes, natural disasters and attacks of Mongols in 13th century. Everywhere in this city is full of historical attractions manifesting the civilization of this territory. Undoubtedly, visiting from this historical city may be one of the reasons of your travelling to Iran!

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Iranian Food

Iranian Food - Iran Tours & TravelIran is full of pristine lands, spectacular attractions staring the sights of most people throughout the world to this point. However, another attractions attended by tourists after their arrival to this land and could be the reason for refreshing their travel to Iran is its very delicious and tasty foods.

When traveling to Iran you must sit behind the table of Iranian families who are hospitable and love surfing this land because you would be provided with the best house-made foods not restaurant foods.

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Bermuda Triangle of Iran

Iran Desert - Iran Tours & TravelAny tourist and nature friendly people is familiar with the name of Iranian deserts; however, there is a desert in Iran making us lame and penetrates fear in us when hearing its name.

Rig Desert is one of those names. This desert called as “Bermuda Triangle of Iran” and is an appropriate place for disappearing.

This desert is one of the scariest places of Iran and up to now it has trapped many people who intended to have a tour and discover the mysteries hidden in it and such adventurous tourists are dealing with desert feast with no return.

Besides Rig Desert, there are other amazing locations waiting for you who might discover their hidden secretes.

Killer Cave, Mysterious Cave

Iran Cave - Iran Tours & TravelKiller cave is one of the caves of this territory locate in Kermanshah Province. The end of this cave could be discovered in 1971 by English cavers and since that time in 1975 a group of Polish cavers travelled to this area for discovering the unknowns of this cave.

For the first time in 1991 this cave hosted a group of Iranian cavers and since that time different groups of people have just travelled to this area for discovering this amazing cave.

Travelling to this cave has killed 5 people since and the corpus of some of these victims have been just buried in the same cave.

For discovering the unknowns of this cave, after attaining to the summit of Porav Mount in the height of over than 3000 m of sea level, you must enter to the cave opening and then, you must take the landing route to the end of cave. At the end of this dreaded cave there is a lake with 3m in depth according to measurements of 2004.

Haven’t you yet been provided with an appropriate answer to your question “why Iran”?

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Screaming Forest

Iran Jungle - Iran Tours & TravelAll tourists and audiences have certainly watched movies with a little fear and frightening for several times. The story behind some of these movies have been just happened in the heart of dreadful forests where the noise of fear and daunt has just filled the space of the movie and once hearing such noises, the audiences would be filled with an excitement from head to toe.

Have you ever thought of traveling to such forest?

You may initially imagine that these are imaginary places only exist in the movies; however, we invite you to Iran to take you to Screaming Forest located in Khorasan Province.

The screaming noise is heard throughout this forest that is located close to Torgabeh Village. Most residents of this area initially imagined that the screaming noise is due to the effects of cricket sounds in this forest or due to wind blow among its trees; however, by some more attention they found out that a river passing through this forest was being dried during one season of year, however after the beginning of such a mysterious voice, it hasn’t been yet dried and water is flowing through it all year round!

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